About Us


Rubyplay is all about being authentic and letting the brilliance and enthusiasm of our team shine through our creations. For us, it also means truly getting to know our casino partners, building mutually beneficial relationships, and crafting games that reflect our drive and dedication.

Play by the Rules

Rubyplay is a licensed and regulated B2B game developer in many jurisdictions, and we’re constantly expanding our footprint into more regulated markets to ensure our clients can keep growing too.

Responsible Gaming

We are dedicated to promoting responsible and safe gambling.  This is the foundation of our status as a socially responsible company and a regulated B2B iGaming company. 

Performance Driven

We’re all about creativity, disruption, and thinking outside the box. By constantly pushing creative boundaries and combining them with data-driven decisions, we have developed our secret formula.


Our desire to achieve is fueled even more by competition, not only to build games that stand out, but also to give our operators a distinctive competitive edge in the vast sea of online casinos. 

Rubyplay – Game Craft Unleashed!

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Genuine Innovation

Our fearless team of disruptors are empowered to experiment with new concepts, mechanics, features and more. This genuine desire to innovate has led to amazing creations, such as our game-changing Immortal Ways® engine which has become an instant successes.


With years of experience and data, we are consistently growing our portfolio of immersive and feature-packed slots. Every creation is precision-built and optimized to draw players in, retain them for longer, and drive up player values. 


It’s a numbers game, and by tracking and measuring every element and applying the learnings, we continuously gain deep insights into what really works for operators and players. Whether it's our internal processes, innovative math engines, game features, and more — the answers are all in the numbers.

Built to Order

When a brand wants to take center stage, our bespoke, tailored games are exactly what they use. From concept to design, development, testing, and launch, we work closely with the casinos to build a unique game that is exclusively theirs. 

Real Partnerships

Even though we live in a digital world, we still believe in building solid, real-world relationships based on trust, integrity, and personal service.